Sunday, December 12, 2010

Longchamp Limited Edition Bags

Posted by Double Y at 4:19 PM
I have never been interested in Longchamp Le Pliage bags until I saw the Limited edition ones..

Longchamp released 5 limited edition Le Pliage bags...

1. The Miajima – Japan Exclusive
2. The Galeries Lafayette Dome – Paris Exclusive
3. The Great Wall of China - China Exclusive
4. The Eiffel Tower - Paris Exclusive
5. The Statue of Liberty- New York Exlusive

So far I have three out of the five limited eds..I got the Eiffel Tower version from Bloomingdales at $135.00 last spring. Then the Statue Of Liberty, I got it from the New York Longchamp SOHO store for $140.00.. ( they do charge sends btw. =)). And the Great Wall of China edition was purchased by a friend in HongKong. I am not sure where exactly, but he told me that the LC store in the airport was out of stock that's why he had to get it in one of the shopping malls. Lucky for me! =)

Eiffel Tower Le Pliage, Navy with short handles

Great Wall of China, Pink with Short handles

Statue of Liberty, Black with Long Handles

The Galeries Lafayette exclusive can only be purchased at the Longchamp store inside the Galleries Lafayette store in Paris, France while the Miajima edition is only available in Japan. I have yet to find someone who can buy these for me or might as well go there myself!!.. =)

Galeries Lafayette Dome

Miajima edition

The great thing about the Le Pliage collection is that they are foldable and easy to store. Not to mention they are light weight and you can easily fit  a lot of stuff in it. It is now my favorite bag to carry whenever I travel, I go to the grocery store or to theme parks even. It is perfect for rainy and winter weather as it doesn't get wet for it is made out of 100% polyamide canvas with PVC coating, cowhide leather trimmings. 

By the way, carry several Longchamp styles at below retail price. For the limited edition ones, I'd check the Longchamp official website..

All folded up and ready to be stored away

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