Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome my new friend Miss Marc

Posted by Double Y at 11:34 AM

My friend, Sarah thought she's one of them Powerpuff girls, until I told her who she is. LOL!She is Miss Marc, a creation of Marc Jacobs, the famous designer, from his MBMJ line (Marc by Marc Jacobs).The Miss Marc character has become one of the hottest cartoon icon among the whole fashion industry. I couldn't agree even more, this little miss is stylish and chic. She is a very loveable or hateable character ( depends on how you see her), usually with bug eyes, a down-turned mouth, and a quirky appearance that just doesn’t appeal to everyone.You'll see her everywhere, on a shirt, a beach towel,shoes, purse and even meet her different faces attached to a bracelet..

Here she is on my purse:

I guess this summer you'll see more of Miss Marc with me as she'll be a perfect companion to beaches, parks and road trips!

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