Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Impromptu Road Trip

Posted by Double Y at 5:11 PM
What started as a lunch at the sunday farmer's market at Santana Row, became a road trip of some sorts.

Met with the Purisimas, Elisans, and Buenaobras at Santana Row, Santa Clara, CA.
We had some hotdogs, enjoyed the sun amidst the cold, cold air!!

The kids participated in the Renaissance theme play in the grounds..

First stop was Junipero Sierra Highway rest stop..On our way, we were thinking what are we going to do at the rest stop to begin with? Jong and Mitch are so good at discovering places to go,told us to just drive and see for ourselves. Turned out, there was a huge statue on top of the hill, pointing to the freeway..

Off to our next location...

Second stop: Crystal spring dam:
Need more rain eh? Ugh!

Can we hitch a ride?

This one is my favorite shot.. by Jamz using his CANON 40d

Third location... Twin peaks..

We have visited the Golden Gate bridge numerous times already,view the whole of SFO on that side.. But this view sums up the whole city!

Moving from one location to another can be tiring and everybody is getting hungry and hungrier as we visit each location.. So to end this impromptu road trip.. We had dinner at Ling Nam in Daly City!

We travelled approximately 60miles. Been to 4 locations for just a couple of hours.. I guess that what they call :" tour de Jong".. ( Jong's style of visiting lots of places while making sure that time is managed efficiently!)

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Till the next impromptu road trip!

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