Sunday, March 29, 2009

Surprise.. Surprise!

Posted by Double Y at 10:59 AM
Jamz thought Im off to meet up with the girls last friday. Little did he know that, that "night out" is actually his surprise belated bday party. To play the part, I got home around 4pm, told him Ill cook bake mac and we'll have dinner first before I go.
Truth to tell, Im just waiting for the Elisans, Purisimas, Buenaobras and Alfie and her IT guys to meet up near our place. So when the doorbell rang at 730pm, I asked Jamz to open the door as that might be Kara (who will supposedly be picking me up). Instead of just seeing Kara, he saw all of them! I got him good this time! Haha..

What's on the menu? Bake Mac by Moi, Chicken from El Pollo Loco courtesy of the Purisimas, Puto from the Elisans, Pancit from the Buenaobras

and Cake from Alfie and the IT guys.

The whole gang! Thanks guys and gals for the party!


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