Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Recipe: Roasted Chicken

Posted by Double Y at 5:42 PM

Back when I was in PH, my brother who loves to cook and does it well has his own recipe for Turbo roasted chicken. We all loved it, Jamz and Mig in particular. I remember Mig asking me about it when he was still here but I didnt know how to cook one and we didnt have a turbo roaster back then. Now thanks to the Purisimas for the turbo roaster and finally I asked my mom what the ingredients are. So last month, the Elisans, Buenaobras and Purisimas got the chance to taste Dodie's Roasted Chicken.

Here's the recipe just in case you're interested:
- tamarind mix
- garlic
- butter
- 1 whole chicken
- salt

Mix all the above ingredients and marinate the chicken with it. For added flavor, put 1 stick of butter inside the chicken.

Broil the chicken with its marinade ( when the marinade gets cooked it makes a good sauce, so set it aside once the chicken is cooked). Set the broiler to 250 and broil each side for at least 20mins...

Finish product!! So Mig, if you are reading this.. I now know how to do this.. So when you come visit soon, Ill make some for you! Promise!


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