Saturday, February 21, 2009

Addicted to Diner Dash

Posted by Double Y at 1:33 PM

So I have not been blogging for couple of days... ok.. ok.. couple of weeks.. In fact I just started back tracking and posting stuff again this week.. Why? Well, aside from the fact that we had a loaded weekend last week, I have been addicted to Diner Dash- Sizzle and Serve. Instead of me reading a book before I go to la-la-land, I would play Diner Dash in my DS. So for almost a month, I finished it! I would try to finish one level even when Im in the office,just about anywhere I can find a place where I can sit, and turn on my DS!I would also end up dreaming about the game too! That was how addicted I become of the game.

That's us, playing DS . Jarno got hooked playing the game too!!

while the rest of the group are playing Rockband

I was first stuck at the last level, but after few weeks of trying, I was able to reach my quota and finish the whole game!!! Its not that its the first game I finished in the DS, Ive finished Mystery Suspect: Million Heir, few months back, its just that finishing this game requires patient and perseverance!

The game itself is good for killing time, well aren't all games are right? It only has 4 stages ( Diner, Resto, Goddess, etc), plus 1 bonus stage (Sushi) if you get to finish one stage in expert mode. Each stage has at least 10 shifts (levels) with its corresponding quota. Thats the challenging part, trying to reach the quota, there have been days that I would only miss $30.00 in the quota and I had to repeat the level again!!! I was ready to give up since I was stuck at the last level of the fourth resto until, Jamz upgraded my DSTT software and with the update, came the cheats!! I have been searching high and low for cheats about this game, but had no luck at all. Not that I wanted to cheat but I am almost in the brink of giving up since I am really stuck and I needed some guidance.. So after few weeks of trying, I finished the game! Yahoo!

Here's some tips for those who are playing this game: Make sure that you sit customers at the same colored chair, that would give you more points. Always, always serve them drinks so that they would order dessert afterwards. Dont sit the businessmen beside the booklovers, you'll end up loosing customers. Finish one resto on expert mode and you'll not only unlock a gallery but one last stage, SUSHI resto. Playing multiplayer, unlocks stuff too but make sure you win in that versus game though.

Now Im into another Mystery file game. Thanks to Jamz' buying me an 8GB memory card, I can now put more games in my DS! Also, thanks to Mitch for sharing with us her 20gb worth of NDS games!

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