Saturday, January 3, 2009

Disney Disney here I come!!

Posted by Double Y at 4:42 PM
Christmas this year was totally different from our pasts Christmas celebration. We had a Disney Christmas.. 7 Days stay at the Disney Boardwalk Villas, meant 7 days of theme park hopping!! Disney World Florida has four theme parks, the Animal Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and my personal favorite the EPCOT.

After we arrived from our long trip to PH, we packed our bags again and catch a flight to Florida..

It was a rather long flight, and we were worried that our connecting flights might get delayed or worse cancelled. True enough, when we landed at Chicago to catch our plane to Orlando, it was delayed due to snow. We originally planned to spend Christmas in Florida ( get some sun and all) then fly to New York for New Year but since we couldn't get ourselves confirmed at our Marriot vacation club hotel, which is the Manhattan club by the way, we decided to just spend New Year back in San Jose.

It was a long flight but well worth it.. The Orlando airport itself is a tourist spot! Its like the Vegas airport, where they have slot machines inside the venue instead in this airport they had Disney shops, a Hyatt hotel, and a whole lotta Mickey!

That's just for starters. Since we booked at a Disney Resort, we get to ride Disney Magical express for free!! Inside the bus, the driver played videos of what you can expect during your stay at the Disney resort.

Moving on to the hotel..

As expected, our suite has everything Mickey Mouse...From soaps,coasters to carpets.. Even our dinner was Mickey Mouse pizza and Minnie Mouse cookies!

Here's some of the goodies..


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