Monday, November 3, 2008

Free iPhone ringtone anyone?

Posted by Double Y at 9:20 AM
Despite the fact that we really lack sleep because our Hallow's eve party ended past midnight, we woke up almost noon the following day. It was raining too, but since we promised Sarah that we will be joining the Linksys( Trend Micro) beta testing event around 2pm, we had to literally drag our butts out of the bed! Oh imagine how hard it was for me to get up, make coffee, prepare lunch and take a bath! Its a weekend, its my two days rest! But then Sarah told us that we will be getting a $200.00 AMEX gift card after we finished the test. That's not bad for just following instructions!

What did I do with my $200.00 Amex gift card? You can't convert it to cash, so the following day, Jamz and I decided to get ourselves iPhone 3g!

I have been a Nokia fan all my life so switching to a touch screen phone is a bit challenging for me. Plus the fact that I am so used to being able to put my own ringtone without having to pay a dime. Then I found this how to guide, I was able to customize a my ringtones using iTunes8.0 via my macbook! Yay!! It was pretty easy, though most of the instructions are for windows I was able to find a way to make it work for my macbook.. You can really create a ringtone from a song you purchased from iTunes store, no way Im going to pay for a ringtone! Anyway, interested on how I did it? Just click on this link --

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