Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Posted by Double Y at 8:46 AM
Last year there were 3 of us who carved pumpkin,Me, Jamz and Mig. This year its just me and Jamz so we invited friends over to what we called Pumpkin carving Party! Of course, our party isnt complete without Pinoy food, I cooked my famous Bulalo, while Kara and Sara brought Halabos na Hipon and Squid for inihaw. Jong brought Balut too!

Here's us working on our pumpkins:

Kara and Tophs finished first, and since we have lots of pumpkin seeds, Kara worked her magic in the kitchen and turned those seeds to Butong Kalabasa.

Here's everybody's finished product!

Photo with your masterpiece:

Mine and Jamz' creations:

Of course no party at our house isn't complete without a Wii/PS3 game or two! This day's pick was Dance Dance Revolution!

And to end the Halloween celebration, we had a costume party on Hallow's eve..

This is me as a Skeleton bride:

Here's Jamz as one of the characters in Hellraiser:

with Kara as Geisha and Sebastian as Torch of Fantastic 4.

Dinner was Macaroni soup courtesy of me, pizza, KFC fried chicken and mocha cake. Jamz played bartender as usual.

The whole gang ( minus the Elisans, they left early):

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