Sunday, June 29, 2008

Something from my Childhood..and Seattle story

Posted by Double Y at 3:29 PM
Jamz had to go to a conference in Seattle and I decided to join him. The first time (2005) I was there it was raining all week, so this time around, I made sure Im ready. But during my three day stay ( I had to go back to CA since I have work) it didnt rain at all. Weird! So I had to shop for summer clothes as it was so freakin' hot!! Oh well..

Anyway, that's not the only story I have. Since we never got to see the whole of Seattle when I first visited so we decided to go to one of those Underground tour of Downtown Seattle.

Downtown Seattle

Underground Tour..

Vault underground

Bathroom break anyone?

While we were waiting for the tour to start, we went to this old Toy store across the street and I found this!! A Raggedy Ann doll, I used to have the same one when I was a kid. I remember seeing a photo of me sitting in front of the camera and IM hugging my Raggedy ann Doll. The doll was almost the same height as I am back then. And this store had the exact same doll I used to have! I wanted to get the same size but it wont fit my luggage so I decided to get the smaller one instead.

Here she is.. I got the matching shirt at

And I also got these cute little charms.


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