Friday, June 27, 2008

Which bag is that?

Posted by Double Y at 1:08 AM
(pic borrowed from TPF)
After watching Sex and the City the movie, a friend ask me if I can help her locate the Gucci bag that Carrie was wearing during one of the scenes. I obliged to help out. Unfortunately, that particular bag, Gucci Loves NY bag, was a limited edition bag created when the Gucci flagship store in NY was opened in Feb 2008. They only created a few pieces and 100% of the sales went to Playground Partners of the Central Park Conservancy. The bag came in three sizes: Small- $570, Medium-$640, Large-$690 but ever since the SATC movie was shown, some consignment shops and ebay sellers ( those who was able to get one) are selling them twice the price!! Nuts right? So I told my friend it is impossible to get one..

So after days of research she gave up.

But then I got obsessed over the same bag.. But since I cant afford this particular limited edition (thanks for SATC the prices weng triple the retail price).. I settled for this..

Ok before you ask how much I got her.. This duo drove me nuts.. I called 5 gucci stores, stalked until I found her. I got her 30% less than retail bec Gucci is having their Spring/Summer sale! My luck! It was short of a miracle that I was able to find one, since this collection along with the Gucci Loves NY bag is limited, they didnt make a lot of these! I guess here's another bag for my collection which I intend to pass over to my future daughter!!

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