Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wii -sh granted!

Posted by Double Y at 7:23 PM
After months and months of waiting, searching and calling Fry's, Best buy,Circuit City and Target. We finally got a Wii Fit! We were so closed to paying double the retail price up until someone told me that I could subscribe to ZooAlert and I would get emails once the wii fit is available.

Zooalert is a site that automatically checks availability of hot products. All you have to do is key in the name of the item you are looking for and type in the email address where you want the alerts to be sent. I was able to find the Wii Fit at Amazon for its original retail price!

The Wii Fit is a good exercise tool. It calculates your BMI. You can do yoga, aerobics, balance games, etc. Fun games such as hula hoop, ski, short and long distance run. The bummer is that there are only limited games which you can play more than two persons. Personally, I like the hula hoop and the long distance run.The long distance run imitates the thread mill.

That's me doing one of the exercises...

All in all the wii fit is a good buy. I wonder though if you can buy two wii balance boards and play hula hoop with another player at the same time? Hmm..

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