Monday, August 11, 2008

Grand Canyon

Posted by Double Y at 12:29 PM
Jamz had one of those conference again in Vegas so I decided to go with him. Since this is my third trip to Vegas and Ive practically seen the whole strip already, we decided to take one of those Grand Canyon tours. The tour started at 6am and ended well past 9pm. It really is a looong, pain in the butt trip but its well worth it. The views are amazing. It was too hot though!

First stop was Hoover Dam.. we only had 5 mins though to take photos..

Then we had lunch at Max and Delcina's. It was buffet alright but as expected the selection wasn't really good. There was chicken, some veggies, meatloaf, salad and soda. The insides of the cafe, is made out of wood and there is a toy train and make shift rail road passing every corner of the cafe..Cute!The cafe is located at the Grand Canyon railways, you can take one of the trains from there to the Grand Canyon and stay in one of the rooms in the small motel inside the vicinity.

Few hours after lunch we finally got to the Grand Canyon. We were given 30 minutes to roam around and admire the sights. As always, some people doesnt know how to follow the rules, a couple from our bus didn't arrive at the time the tour guide set for us to leave. As a punishment, the tour guide/driver left them behind. Hey, its not fair that we'll have to spend the remaining time looking for them you know!

As per our tour guide, there is a trail that will lead you to one of the tribes.. Here's a photo.

For being such good followers, our tour guide drop us off to the other side of the Canyon where there is a Cafe while he drove to get those two people who were left behind. I was famished by the time we get there, had ice cream, hotdogs and some chips!

This part of the Canyon has some cottages that you can rent for a night. Those who want to hike the Canyon can rent one of these cottages. Sleep one night, hiked the following morning, stay in one of the camps in the Canyon where you get to meet and dine with the tribe members at the bottom of the Canyon, then hike back up the following morning. Jamz plans to take one of those trips soon.. We'll see..

Of course, the tour ended with a visit to one of the gift shops. We just got the kids some nice shirts. All in all the tour was nice although my butt doesnt agree since we spent more than 7 hours on the bus!

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