Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pinoy nga naman!

Posted by Double Y at 12:36 PM
Instead of the usual PAL flight that I have been taking for the past three years to and from US,we took the NorthWest flight to SFO. PAL was fully booked until the 9th of Aug and I have to be in the US before July 30th else Ill miss our planned honeymoon! So we took the MNL- NRT-SFO flight. It was ok at first since I was able to check in 4 balikbayan boxes (yep, I was able to fill up all of them with all of my stuff!) with no problems of whatsoever, contrary to what somebody claimed that NW's limit is 23kg per box whereas in fact it is 32kg per! ( hey read the exceptions dearie ok?). From Manila to NRT, Japan, we were in a Boeing 747. The Pinoy stewardess in this NW flight is nicer than the PAL flight attendants, the food was great and the inflight movie isnt so bad as well.All is well except for the guy who was sitting behind me!You know that feeling when someone so tall is trying so hard to fit in an economy class seat or a guy who cant keep moving his legs??Thats it that was what he's been doing while boasting about his achievements! How he spent his early years in a crew ship that he was able to petition his family in Canada.
I have not slept yet, it was an early flight and I still have somethings to fix before I go so I decided to nap even before the plane leaps! I tried my best to ignore what he was doing but after few more minutes, Ive had enough so in my nicest, sweetest voice ever I told him this:" Manong, pwede po ba nyo wag galawin yung upuan ko? Natutulog na kase ako eh. Masakit sa ulo po.Thank you". To which he replied: " anong ginagalaw ko? bakit ka kse natutulog hindi pa nga tayo umaalis,dapat sayo me sarili kang eroplano". Then I told him," Pag nagsasalita po kayo, ginagamit nyo po kamay nyo and tumatama sa upuan ko, Nakikiusap lang naman po kung pwede." Then he shut up. I mean, like duh. we're both paying customers and that was my space! Can't he respect it? I am trying so hard not to touch the seat infront of me so that I wont disturb the guy sitting on it! E sya, ang yabang nya. I dont care if he lives in Canada for almost 20 years now, pareho lang kaming paying customer no! Thats the thing with our kababayans, once they get to anywhere outside PH ang yabang na nila. They think that they own everything! They are rude to their kapwa Pinoy but they are nice to others. Which is weird right? You'll hear a lot of PInoy nga naman stuff from me from now on.

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