Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pinoy nga naman!

Posted by Double Y at 2:58 PM
I know Ive had some bad experiences with some of our kababayans.. Anyway, here's the good side.

Our NW flight had a three hour layover in NRT airport. I have been to this airport last time enroute to Canada so Im kinda familiar as to where to go. Mig was so hungry, even after I gave him my share of the meal they served in the plane. So I told him to stay at the gate where we will be boarding while I go look for food. There were a couple of cafes and shops, until I decided to go to this deli. While waiting for my turn to pay, I asked the person behind me if he knows if this particular shop accepts USD, to which he replied " oo". Pinoy pala sya! Cool! He asked where Im headed, turned out we are on the same flight. SO we chatted a little bit until it was my turn to pay., I handed the cashier my 50usd and he refused to accept it since they dont have change. The guy whom I was chatting with offered to pay for Mig's sandwich, though it was only 4usd, I was still grateful. So I left the counter and went to see Mig. Then I went to look for change so that I can pay him. Sana madaming katulad nya no? He lives in the US for almost a decade already and is in the business of bringing PH nurses to the US. He even gave me tips on what to do when applying for greencard.

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