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Reasons why people get married

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Someone forwarded me this list.. This list I think came from a US website. I guess, us Filipinos have similar reasons why we get married aside from "LOVE". Ive met some people who get married due to the ff reasons: a) Pregnant b)out of poverty, she met someone who can bring her abroad and promised to marry her,you know those foreigner penpals c) out of desperation since she went to the states already and on TNT status d)her parents want her to marry him. And the list go on.. Anyway read on.. Its funny but true..after reading the list, may I ask you then:so what's your reason to get married?How about me?Im going to get married because I love him PERIOD. ^_^

"The benefits of marriage as opposed to remaining single are..."

1.Assumption of Spouse’s Pension

2.Automatic Housing Lease Transfer

3.Bereavement Leave

4.Burial Determination

5.Crime Victim’s Recovery Benefits

6.Domestic Violence Protection

7.Exemption from Property Tax on Partner’s Death

8.Immunity from Testifying Against Spouse

9.Joint Bankruptcy benefits

10.Medical Decisions on Behalf of Partner

11.Reduced Rate Memberships to a variety of organizations, clubs, etc.

12.Federal Sick Leave and Family Medical Leave benefits to Care for Partner

13.Visitation of Partner in Hospital or Prison (if this ever becomes an issue)

14.Intimate emotional support from a spouse

15.Monogamous sex

16.Access to military stores if your spouse has access

17.Immigration and citizenship benefits

18.Some Federal Veteran’s discounts for married people


20.Children living with married parents tend to be much safer than
children living with single parents, because they are statistically
less likely to be aborted and less likely to be abused or neglected

21.Compared to children in single-parent families, children raised in
married-parent homes have better emotional and physical health and
engage in fewer risky behaviors, such as premarital sex, substance
abuse, delinquency, and suicide.

22.Children with married parents do better academically and fare
better economically.

23.Children raised in intact homes are less likely to cohabit and more
likely to view marriage positively and maintain life-long marriages.

24.Married people have better emotional and physical health and
statistically live longer than do unmarried people.

25.Married couples have greater incomes than do single adults, and the
longer they stay married, the more wealth they accumulate.

26.Married couples enjoy greater sexual satisfaction than do unmarried
people because they tend to be more secure with one another.

27.Married women are safer than unmarried women. Never-married,
cohabiting, separated, and divorced women experience higher rates of
domestic violence than do married women

28.Marriage makes homes safer places to live, because it curbs social
problems such as domestic violence and child abuse.

29.Communities with more married-parent families are safer and more
attractive places to live, because they are less likely to have
substance abuse and crime among young people.

30.Marriage is the best antidote to poverty and welfare dependency
because combines assets make for better homes and relationships.

31.Married people are more likely to be healthy, productive, and
engaged citizens, benefiting businesses and, ultimately, the economy.

32.Married people are more emotionally and financially stable and goal oriented.

33.They tend to be more committed to the relationship than single or
cohabitating people.

34.Reliable companionship

35.Married couples are traditionally a two-car family so you’d have a
backup vehicle if one of them ever breaks down

36.Some married couples can share portions of their wardrobes, giving
you more dress and fashion options

37.If you’re married you actually get Christmas and Birthday presents
that are a surprise instead of buying for yourself.

38.Holidays are much more fun with a spouse

39.Vacations are much more fun with a spouse

40.There’s always someone to confide in

41.In a marriage you have someone there who is as concerned about your
health and well-being as they are their own health and well-being

42.In a marriage you always have someone you can bounce ideas off of
and get honest and beneficial feedback

43.In a stable marriage you never have to worry about your partner
cheating or leaving you

44.When you get old and ugly there’s still someone who loves you and
thinks you’re gorgeous.

45.In a marriage you evolve and mature with someone else at the same
pace and share similar interests

46.By getting married you avoid the cultural stigma of being single

47.If you marry you have a chance to experience and enjoy both
lifestyles – single and married.

48.Married people enjoy the satisfaction of caring for someone else in
a way that single people often never experience.

49.Married people who have children also get to experience a larger
extended family (grandchildren, cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws, etc)

50.By virtue of the larger extended family married people have a much
larger support base if the need ever arises.

51.Married people are often extended greater credit because of dual
incomes and combined credit ratings.

52.Marriage promotes a greater sense of self and character. People who
are married are confident about their place in their relationship and
in the big scheme of things.

53.Religious beliefs and religious growth (if you are so inclined)

54.The courtship process that leads up to the marriage is an important
growth phase that is viewed by most people as extremely rewarding and

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