Monday, December 4, 2006

Whats inside your bag?

Posted by Double Y at 7:22 PM
My friends keep on asking me, what's inside my bag? How come i carry a big bag all the time?

Lotsa girlie stuff perhaps? So whats inside my big bag? First of, which bag are you talking about? My laptop bag or my purse?

Lets start with my purse: Tech stuff :two phones n70 and 2320 to keep me connected wherever i go, my ipod video (thanks baby!) to fill in my boredom, my hello kitty 512 thumb drive, just in case i need to copy so files somewhere, nokia charger adaptor to be able to charge my phone,
my sony digicam to capture memorable moments and of course the basic stuff such as small rosary, wallet, coin purse,AG hand gel, AG lotion and cologne ( yeah, i loooove AG bath and body works scents), small comb,lip balm, feminine wipes (hehhe,, do i really have to include that?), toilet seat sheets ( you never know where the cleanest lav is,better ready),small pen and post it, to scribble small notes,my business card holder,toothbrush and toothpaste, pill box filled w/ first aid meds, mace spray, small sewing kit and ooh my car keys.

My laptop bag: laptop of course, usb hub, card reader, mini duo and mini mmc adaptors.

See no kikay kit? I guess Im not your typical girl who carries cosmetics with 'em all the time. In fact i dont even know how to correctly apply 'em.

I just dont believe in them . Dont get me wrong I wear make up if need be, but not on a regular basis that I had to spend time every day applying them and reapply whenever possible. I dont believe on putting artificial stuff to make you beautiful. I believe on natural beauty, what you see is what you get.

Whenever I people watch, I try to look for girls who look beautiful without make up.

I dont go for Beauty Queen Material, who are pretty just bec they put so much make up and wear the shortest skirts and/or the skimpiest outfits.

As my male friends say, the best way to see truly a girl's beauty is when you wake up beside them, sans make up. Dont get me wrong I have nothing against cosmetics nor girls using them. I just dont like it when some of them look at you as if you look like trash coz youre not wearing some.LIke Duh?! Since when does not putting cosmetics, make me a lesser woman? Or when I see girls putting on lipstick in front of everybody!Like how unethical that is!That is soo private, its like picking your nose in public!

Anyway, moving forward, I guess I got this attitude from my Mom, she never taught me how to apply make up, since she herself doesnt know how. Being born the only girl in the family and with strict parents, she never had the chance to explore things. But mind you, she is beautiful ( even a perfect 10 during her younger days, you can ask my fiance, he has a crush on her!hahha!), until now though she packed some weight, my friends still say she is beautiful and couldnt believe thats she's my mom.

Anyway, enough about my mom,what am saying is beauty is not artificial. Its natural, it is borne out of someone. Its not something that you can claim. Beauty is not physical, you may have all the beauty titles one can ever have but when you look at the mirror, what do you see? Are you truly beautiful inside and out? You may have had so many boyfriends, so many guys are after you, and you can get all the guys you want BUT are you really beautiful? My point is, no amount of make up, nice clothes and flirting can make someone beautiful. Its not how you look that is important. Women this era tend to invest on so much cosmetics and other beauty products that promises them youthful look, other would go to the extremes by going under the knife. It doesnt make any sense at all.

I standby Dove's campaign for real beauty. The media dictated how you categorize someone as beautiful. They painted this image in magazines and billboards that are seen by teeners and they grow up wishing that they are as thin as or as tall as their fave models. Good thing, more and more women are now into real beauty.So no matter how fat you are, how thin you are, as long as youre beautiful inside, thats what's important.

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