Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Sounds Familiar?

Posted by Double Y at 12:22 AM
I just finished watching two episodes of Numb3rs season 3.Thanks to Peter I was able to download the latest season and uploaded all of them in my iPOD video.

The episode was about a woman who had a not so good past. She ran away from home when she was 15 yrs old, got involved with a married man that got her pregnant and left her after finding out about it. She met a new guy, same age as she was, unfortunately though the guy was a junkie and was dealing drugs. Same guy, sold her daughter to someone.Both of them got caught and she spent time in jail.She was able to fix her life for awhile moved to another city, earned a college degree and started her profession as a teacher (odd eh?.. story starting to sound familiar,, hey blame the episode!) until she met another guy, 15 years younger than she is, she fell in love with him. 16 years after, she went back to LA and tried to find her daughter but before that she tried to erase her past by killing all those people who hurt her.

Moral of the story? There's actually a lot, but let me deal with just one: you make your own destiny. There are things in life that we regret doing and would do anything to erase it. Just like one of the FBI agents in the story, Megan, ran away from home. But she was able to turn her life around and fix her mess. She cleaned up and ended up working for the FEDS. Like Megan, I dont regret whatever it is that Ive done and whatever it is that had happened to me in the past. I know that those things made me what I am today. I dont blame other people for what they did to me coz for sure, in one wrong doing done, it goes back to them double if not triple. I am happy and contented for what I am now. I have a son, I am getting out of a mistake that I dont regret having done so and I will soon be entering into a new life with my fiance who accepted me for what I am and for what my past looked like and has always been with me during the tough times of my life. For that, I love him so dearly. I dont have a perfect life, but the life I have now, I wouldnt trade it with anybody else. I dont go around and mess with other people's live nor play mind games with my ex in the hopes of getting more satisfaction. It's his life not mine, I left him, I have my own reason and he let me leave him for reasons I didnt want to know. I let him be. I dont need to be friends with him, maybe ( just Maybe) after all has been settled then we can be friends. I dont go talk to him and ask for his advice on my life, I respect him as I know that he has moved on. I know that he has his own girl now, and he needs my distance to be able to get closer to her. I let them be as long as my son is getting cared for, Im ok and happy for them. Whatever happened between us, its over, there's no going back.I have my own life to live now, the life I chose. I dont believe in destiny. I believe in decisions that affect your life.Whatever it is you've done in the past, it will surely affect your future."
Seal your fate with the choices you make", as Gloria Estefan puts it.

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