Saturday, December 2, 2006

The Repeat?

Posted by Double Y at 6:58 AM
Here's my second attempt to blog. My fiance kept on encouraging me to write my thoughts online.
I just got lazy continuing my first blog and decided to delete the whole thing, besides with my current sched, I rarely have dreams.

So going back, I intend to keep this as my diary as well. Aside from the
possibility of me carrying my fiance's baby(!, at last!he says) there are so much things to write about.Plus I miss writing, after leaving my previous office I rarely get to write stuff eventhough the stuff I wrote for them were articles for the internal newsletter as well as PR stuff.

So with so much time in my hands and so much thoughts in my head, here I am, going online again.

So stay tune for more updates. Right now.. Im off to meet my bestfriend and her hubby for coffee.

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