Thursday, December 7, 2006

Series of Unfortunate trips?

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Its almost Christmas and I cant help but look back and remember what had happened to me in the past year. For the past three New years , my fiance and I have been spending the start of the year out of town. That led me to think about our travel "mis"- adventures.

March 2006: Malaysia and Singapore
We normally spend my fiance's bday out of the country. This year's stop was Penang, Malaysia. We spent 4 days sleeping at the hotel room with no airconditioning, turned out that the building's aircon broke down. We had to live with electric fans and the ocean breeze which is not that cold since it was summer!Plus hearing the Muslim prayer before dinner and when we wake up! Arggh! Im never going back there!

Dec 2005 to Jan 2006 : Los Angeles, California. We were en route to Disney, Anaheim to celebrate the coming of the year by watching the fireworks display instead we ended up celebrating it inside our hotel room. Why? We had a freak accident! Click here for more details... This has been the second time we escaped death. That we promised ourselves that we are not going anywhere to celebrate 2007.

April 2005: Boracay
Some of our friends were at Boracay for a week, we decided to follow them. Since we miss Boracay and loved the beach. For the first time, we didnt have problems with our flights. We just had a couple of rough nights at the beach since we stayed at Club Panoli which is at the far end, whilst our friends stayed at station 2, we had to commute to theyre place all the time. The hassle of waiting in the dark for a tricycle while raining is not good! We ended up being wet coz of the rain!

Dec 2004 to Jan 2005: Bali, Indonesia
We were supposed to go to Bali, Indonesia to celebrate the New Year. We were able to book a hotel under RCI and already paid for it, as luck smiles at us, we can not get flights! So my fiance and I decided to stay at his friend's pad in Singapore and hope to get a flight to Indonesia from there since if we were able to get the tickets to Bali, we really had to do a stopover in Singapore.When we arrived Singapore, we were shocked to see that there are a lot of flights to Bali, little did we know that while we were on the plane to Singapore, there was a tsunami and Bali was one of the countries that was affected by it. We were so thankful that we were not able to get that flight. Whew!

October 2004; Singapore- Malaysia-Singapore
My fiance was invited by the Managing Director for APAC BU to speak in various conferences and press events in Singapore and Malaysia Since I normally handle their events in Manila, they invited me to join my fiance,, all expense paid of course!Lucky me. Everything went smoothly, my guy went on with his meetings while I go shopping! Plan was to arrive on a thursday in Singapore then leave for Malaysia on a Monday then go back to Singapore after a day then stay two more days in Sinagpore before going home. On our flight back to Singapore via Malaysian Airlines, we were seated comfortably in our seats, plane is starting to move in the freeway, then it stopped! Turns out, there was a problem in one of the engines and so they advised all of us to go down and wait at the airport lobby for further notice.

Sept 2004 : En Route to Chicago
From Manila, we took the last PAL flight to SFO where we'll take our connecting flights to Chicago. It was my first time to travel to the US. Five hours on the plane, one of the passengers choked and could not breath. The Pilot decided to fly back to Manila! Like duh? After 5 hours of being on air, we ended up going back to Manila. That means we will miss all our connecting flights! They booked us all at the Traders Hotel at Roxas Blvd and we left after breakfast the following day to catch the same flight. PAL promised to help us fix our connecting flights, but you know, promises are promises.. When we arrived SFO, they did not help us!We had to fix it ourselves. Ending, my fiance and I had to take separate flights. I had to go to Boston FIRST before going to Chicago. When I arrived Boston, I didnt know the time difference, I looked at my watch and got worried that i might have missed my Boston to Chicago flight. To make matters worst, my phone, then a T68i, isn't working!Arggh!

Sept 2004: En route to Seattle
From Chicago we went to Seattle for another conference, on our way back to SFO, we missed our flight!To top it all up, the ticketing office is closed since it was a weekend!We had to wait for the counters to open and finally with my fiance's social engineering skills, we were able to get a flight to SFO same day.

Sept 2004: HongKong -my bday
Its my bday, my fiance had to go to HongKong for a conference. So he decided to take me with him. Nice right? Well, we only stayed one day, so there's not much time to go around and shop. So we flew in evening, then we left afternoon the following day. Too short right? Heck, its my bday, and Im with my baby so its ok. Everything went smooth, except that, on our way home, we were positioned at a three seater, so I took the window, my fiance was in the middle and another girl ( who looked like a domestic helper) with a huge duffle bag on her lap. The duffle bag is too long that it took our seating space! Thats not all, few hours after our flight arrived Manila, my fiance brought me home, as I was opening my luggage, I noticed that my luggage lock has changed.Someone mustve switched my lock to an ordinary lock! I panicked, I thought I got the wrong luggage, turns out that the airlines broke my old lock and they had to replace it.Damn.. I love that lock, I got it from our previous travel!

March 2003- Boracay
This was our first travel as a couple. Its my fiance's bday so we decided to go to Boracay. It was both our first time to go to the tropical island. Being a girl, I dont know what to bring, my fiance and I agreed to put all our stuff in one luggage. So we used his trusty old Samsonite hard top. When we touched down Aklan and looked for our luggage, we noticed that its broken already! One of the wheels was destroyed. So we called the attention of the airlines but nothing happened. So we let it pass and instead left for the hotel to enjoy our vacation.

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