Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas traffic

Posted by Double Y at 10:29 AM
I spent 2 hours in traffic today. I left the house at exactly 8am and arrived in my office by 10am! What's the fuzz? To think most schools are on their holiday breaks already, how come its soo traffic? Well, some politician decided to give out christmas baskets ( or should i say bucket, since the goodies are inside a bucket) to the people living in Mandaluyong. All of them, kids and oldies alike piling ( not LINING UP) up in the middle of the street trying to get their share! To top it all of, even the traffic aids are holding give away calendars while trying to fix the traffic mess. Nice right? I left the house expecting that Ill have an easy drive to the ofc today, but whenI reached Mandaluyong,... it was a different story. What I dont understand is , why does that politician decided to distribute those buckets in the middle of the street at 8am! Why not do it early in the morning so as to avoid traffic. They know very well that that particular street is an alternative route to Makati. Arggh! Perhaps, he wants publicity, thats the only viable reason I can think of. Why give if nobody will know right? Since election is near already, they need as much publicity as they can get. But dont they understand the essence of giving? Giving without expecting anything in return?

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