Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thin is IN?

Posted by Double Y at 11:10 AM
Ive never weighed more than 120lbs all my life. That 120lbs was my preggy weight! I can pig out without having to endure the calories. I can endulge boxes and boxes of chocolates, cakes and other sweets without feeling guilty.Some say that Im lucky to be thin. Do I really feel lucky?
Nah, Id rather be fat and try to loose those unwanted weight rather than try to gain it! They say its really hard to loose weight than gain them. I say, its the other way around. As much as I want to eat a lot, I just couldnt. Yeah, I can eat at buffets and not feel guilty BUT I hate buffets. The idea of having so much food in front of me makes me want to throw up. I dont have anorexia anymore, Ive outgrown that phase of my life. I just dont feel like eating that much. If I eat, I make sure I enjoy eating. I dont eat just to satisfy my hunger, I eat becoz I want what Im eating. I eat when I feel like eating, most of the time, thats 5 times a day. Lucky? Nah, its difficult really. Since I have to always plan what I want to eat. I have to always follow my cravings so that I can eat a lot. So for those who envy me.. stop!

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