Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cartoons for kids?

Posted by Double Y at 2:24 AM
Ive been listening to Happy Feet's OST the whole day. Loaded it up on my iPod and used it as my ringertone as well. I love that movie!Its just now that I realized that Hugh Jackman can really sing.. Forgive me, but Im not into movie stars you know. I love to watch movies, in fact my friends and I made weds as Movie Night. Its actually my soon-to-be-hubby who was the one who influenced me into watching movies, back then Im contented to watch movies at the comforts of my room. Anyway, going back to the topic- Happy feet. Though it is cartoons, I say if i bring my son to watch it.He wouldnt understand the story. He'll like the dancing and singing penguins alright, but the story itself its kinda deep for kids. Same goes with Shrek, I didnt let my son watch it though I like it too, simply becoz the story is not for kids anymore. These days, it seems that a lot of the so-called animated movies are for adults already.Hmm.. Wonder what happened to plain old cartoon for kids?

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