Friday, December 29, 2006

Holidays in PH

Posted by Double Y at 11:17 AM
Nothing beats christmas in the Phils. This year, we've decided to stay in Manila and spend christmas with my family and new year in Baguio with my fiance's family. After all, we 've been going out of the country every new year and since i will be relocating to the US in the near future, we decided to stay put. Its nice to spend noche buena, the Filipino way.. Nothing compares to it.You know, you can smell the aroma of mom's cooking before midnight while the kids are trying to sleep early and wake up before midnight to open their gifts.Nothing beats that. Not even, white christmas nor snowman at that, I wouldnt trade Christmas festivities in PH to anywhere in the world. Even new year's celebration, though I hate it when people throw firecrackers at you while driving, nothing beats the festivities in the Philippines. We've seen how Singaporeans welcome the new year, it was so boring, its just like an ordinary day. Sure, there were parties, but they call that parties? Maybe bec we went to Singapore at the wake of the tsunami in 2004, ( no choice actualy we were enroute to Bali, Indonesia but when we heard the news of the tsunami after touching down at the Changi Airport, we had no choice but to stay in SG instead, check my previous postings on our unfortunate travels). Last year, we werein LA. We were supposed to go to Disney to celebrate the new year BUT (as mentioned in my previous posting)we got hit by a car on the freeway and ended up in the hospital and watched the ball drop on TV!Oh well. I missed my mom's cooking, I missed my son and for sure My fiance missed his son too.So this year, we're off to Baguio. Never again will we celebrate those two holidays away from our families...

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