Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My bucket list

Posted by Double Y at 2:52 PM
With so many deaths this past months, made me think if I die tomorrow, was I able to live my life to the fullest? I guess I have but let me write down my own "bucket list" to see how far have I been:

This list is in no particular order:

1. Travel: been to Malaysia, Singapore, HongKong, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia and of course the US. But I still haven't been to Europe so this one is still in my list

2. Have a baby: I have one but I still want a baby girl. So let's leave this one as well

3. Get married: Did this twice! LOL

4. Drive a black car: Had two black cars to date already!

5. Learn how to cook: Done and perfected it as well! HAH! :P

6. Be one of them Lady CEO: hmm, this one is a maybe.. ;-)

7. Buy a house: in PH we have one, in the US, coming soon I hope!

8. Own a Hermes Bag,a Kelly or a Birkin: Hmm..

9. Bring Mom to the US: done! and she's coming back!

10. Talk to my Dad.. yup this one is a biggie.. one that I don't want to talk about yet!

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