Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let go, Move on or hold on?

Posted by Double Y at 1:41 PM
One of the hardest things in life is letting go. Whether it be letting go of someone or something, tis really the hardest.

I remember during one of our afternoon walks around the neighborhood, I would see garage full of stuff, that owners cannot even park their cars inside it. Most people here use their garage as storage not as parking space, not to mention some of them even owning space at the local Storage unit. Why? They can not let go..

As I go through some of my clothes, trying hard to segregate what I'm going to keep, what I'm going to give out, I realized that some of my most loved clothes are still those that I got when my little boy was a year old and some even, have been with me since I was in college! Would you believe that.. I'm such a sentimental fool. Mind you, one of the shirt, was even a fake kero-keroppi shirt that I got from a flea market. I used to wear it whenever I go out, until it got soo beaten up that I made it my fave shirt for home use only and I still wear it, in fact I am wearing it right now! All of us, regardless of race, color or age, are collectors in our own weird way. We collect stuff that reminded us of either an event, such as trinkets from our own wedding, birthday, etc or a place where we've been to. Some collect spoons, magnets, even paper napkins! We don't let go of stuff that reminds us of that particular event or place, even until we have no more space to store it into.

Like in life, whenever someone dies, or a relationship ends, we really don't let go. There is really no letting go, we just simply try to put it aside for the time being until it's not too painful to talk about.

In relationships mostly, we would always seek out something we call closure. Most specially when you got dumped by someone and learned about it from someone else, with nothing at all not even a call, you would try to reason with that someone, try to know what really happened, and tell them that you need closure whereas in fact, you just need to know and try to save what's left of it. There is no such thing as closure, it's done and it's done, nothing more to say, nothing more to do. No more reasoning, no more saving. That's your closure.

In death, we would mourn till there is nothing more to it. We would cry our hearts out and question whoever God we look up to. Some regretting not being able to spend more time with the deceased, some just simply can not accept the fact that he's gone.

Then there are those instances that letting go is not an option. That holding on is a good thing, that quitting is such a bad idea. In those instances, be prepared to hold on as long as you can. Motivate yourself by looking at the end goal,don't give up. Don't move on until you get the prize..

Whether to let go or to hold on, either is painful at times, be prepared and remember to look at the bright side always. Everything always happens for a reason. Be it may that you had to let go, for sure there are other opportunities on the way, if you chose to hold on, then expect that whatever outcome it is you're waiting for, it'll happen, sooner or later.

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