Thursday, January 8, 2009

Santa came late this year..

Posted by Double Y at 4:41 PM
Since we have been travelling since November and most of December, Santa wasnt able to drop off his Christmas gifts to us. So what did we get this Christmas?

Cameras, another ps3 (for the room, since buying a PS3 unit is cheaper than having to get a standalone blue ray disk player), xbox 360, xbox 360, xbox360, xbox 360 and another xbox 360.. Nope its not a typo, Jamz got 5 xbox 360s, he plans to sell 3 of them and keep the other two. Ohh dont ask me why we need two xbox 360s... I really dont know.. Perhaps maybe, the kids will be here soon..

Since Jamz sold his Canon 40D when we went to PH. We were stuck with my crappy 5 yrs old sony cybershot camera. Imagine, my 3 megapixel camera at Disney Florida? Not a good idea.. We ended up buying most of the photos taken by Disney photo pass just so we have copies of our adventures..

So what did we get in replacement for our cameras? Jamz upgraded to Canon 50D, which is just like his Canon 40D with added features. See his post in this link

I got a SONY T500, earlier in the week we got a Sony T700 but decided to return it since it doesnt take good videos. Whats the differene between the two Sony Cameras? The Sony T700 came out before the T500, the T500 can take High Definition video and is more expensive than its predecessor. The T700 has a 4GB internal memory while its successor has 4MB, I guess they had to sacrifice the memory capacity for the HD video feature.

Anyway, here's more info:

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