Friday, May 23, 2008

So many sale.. so little time..

Posted by Double Y at 11:06 AM
Since Memorial day is just three days from today, boutiques and dept stores has started their presale. You can check what the store will have on sale, buy it, BUT you wont be able to bring them home until the day of the sale itself. They will just put it on hold for you. Anyway, thanks to TPF for enabling my bag obsession and telling me where the sales are.. So for those of you who are interested here's what I know:

GUCCI : Presale started last weds, but you will be able to get your stuff on June 2nd, just go to the boutique and tell them that you want to see the presale list. OR you can go to this link.. ( this was emailed to very few clients, and I was lucky to get the email prolly bec I ordered two bags online ). Free shipping for online purchases!

Nordstrom: their sale started last weds, Burberry medium tote was selling for 259.00, there's Jimmy choos, Lanvin, Gucci, BLahniks and Balenciaga ( at least the Nordstrom in Sacramento has some.. but Balenciaga city not included)

Burberry: Storewide sale started yesterday.. but here's a link to the online sales.. free shipping for purchases over $195.00

Neiman Marcus and Saks: they have Chanel bags onsale and I am just too close to get myself another Chanel. Hehehe.. lots of 7jeans, Citizens of humanity, Joe Jeans, juicy couture on sale and free shipping too!!

Anyway, for more details.. just visit

Now what was that song I was singing.. " I want to be a rockstar.. I'll need a credit card that has no limit!". Hahha

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