Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coach Crazy

Posted by Double Y at 11:53 PM
We went to Gilroy outlet today since it is Memorial Day weekend and the SALE is supposed to be great. We dropped by the Coach Outlet store just to check what they have and not to buy a bag since truth is I already have 3 news bags waiting to be shipped to me ( arggh.. I know.. blame the sale! it is so hard to resist, I end up getting another gucci, a burberry and a fendi!oh my, aside from a pair of gucci shoes, and two pairs of jeans).

While we were walking towards the store, we saw this line, we thought it was a line for starbucks but NO!! it was a long line for Coach, a lot of people want to get in but since the store is not that big they had to control the crowd. Coach must have good items on sale for it to have that long a line, so instead of getting in, we just took photos of the line.. and decided to check the other stores instead..


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