Monday, April 21, 2008

Oopps moment

Posted by Double Y at 3:04 PM
So we went to the Coach outlet store again this weekend.. not to shop for my stuff but to return some purses and get more for my mom. On my way out, I saw two Trenders ( i dont want to name names hehe). I know the guy but the girl, I know Ive worked with her at the PH ofc but I dont seem to remember her name. So I went inside the car and load up my purchases ( again, I didnt buy anything for myself!). Then I told Jamz about it, to which he replied "oh thats **** and his wife!"( he doesnt know the girl's name either) I said.. "what wife? I dont think thats his wife, I know that girl, I just couldnt remember her name". So we both went out to meet with them. Then I asked the girl.. ( still not remembering what her name is).. "so what are you doing here? Are you here for training?" Then she said "ooh.. we're married" ( pointing to ****)I was sooo embarrassed! and Up until today I still dont know what her name was.. I dont know whats up with me and names, its just so hard for me to forget the name that goes with the face.. KWIM? Oh well..

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