Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Trend in gift giving

Posted by Double Y at 9:01 PM

I watched this new Verizon wireless tv ad about a girl, getting a pony for Christmas while her friends got new phone. She wanted a phone instead of the pony obviously.

I realized that gone are the days when kids ask for puppies as gifts,dolls, toy guns,etc. My son turned seven this year and he asked me for a game boy. Last year he asked for a Leapster, and every year since the first PSP came out he has been persistently asking me for one, I told him perhaps next year since he is too young to have such an expensive gadget. He even learned to operate the computer way before he can read! He would memorize what the buttons look like thats why he knew how to turn it on and off. I remember him playing NES in the pc and entering cheat codes by memorizing the numbers at the age of 5!

Aside from that, my stepson got his first mobile phone when he was in grade school, I got my first unit when I started working!

Last year my husband got me an iPod video for my birthday, an iDog for Christmas, a Nokia n80ie for our wedding gift and a Macbook for my 30th birthday. See the trend? They're all gadgets, its not that I'm complaining, I collect gadgets as much as I collect branded bags. So what happened to jewelry as gifts like Zales, Kay, etc have been advertising?

I bet when you get a chance to see someone else's wish list, you'll see iPod, game boy, xbox, etc.

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