Monday, November 19, 2007

Mac update sucks like windows update?

Posted by Double Y at 5:17 PM
I installed the new updates for my Mac OS X just last weekend and guess what, like windows update something started to fuck up. Minutes after the restart, my connection became intermitent, my adium made weird noises ( since I used cat sounds as plugins and enabled the growl) and I can't connect to all my IM accounts. I thought it was just my adium acting up, so I updated it , as well as the growl. Then Firefox started crashing and so I did the same. Up to now Im still having the same problem, that I have to run network diagnostics via safari just so I can connect to the network. I wonder whats wrong with this update. I was so happy that I dont get to see the blue screen of death in this laptop nor do I have to often click on end task since some of the programs hung but then this happens.. Time to investigate....

Here's the culprit:

Now time to update all my drivers and whatever needs to be updated and see if it works..

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