Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mac Games and then some

Posted by Double Y at 9:54 AM
Jamz got me Sims Complete collection for my Mac while he got himself Guitar Hero for the Wii. While Im busy building my SIMS' life, he would play rock songs all night. Brings out the rocker in him, I tried it myself but I can only get up to 85% high score. So I guess its not for me, I do play the piano, thanks to 8 years of having to attend piano lessons!But this one is totally different since it doesnt show the notes but it cues you up as to which button to press. Now Jamz is waiting for the "drum hero" version of this game.

Now going back to the Sims, all of us took turns to play the SIMS since it is a single player only and since the dvd we got is specifically for my MAC. I say we are now addicted to it. So we are dividing time from playing the Wii and Sims. My Sims is a single lady, thanks to Mig, he taught me some cheat codes and I didnt have to work to earn money. Jamz' sims are a family ( his cousins actually.hehe..ssssh) of 4. Its hard to control 4 SIMS so I opted for just a single family like what Mig did for his Sims though he got a pet cat for his character. This is my first time to play SIMS ever and I say it is time consuming not to mention you may have to learn how to manage time for the SIMS that is. You gotta learn how to balance between social, fun, work, energy and hygene. This is a training tool for young kids (and adult alike!) So I guess Ill give this 3 stars ( hahha, don't I sound like one of them Movie reviewers?)

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