Thursday, November 1, 2007

HalloWiin Party

Posted by Double Y at 5:33 PM
We stocked up on candies and was ready for trick or treaters, invited some guests and had ourselves a mini-halloween party.

Tanya, my highschool buddy lives nearby so she and her mom dropped by and brought some orange cupcakes that goes very well with the theme. We bought party favors and ordered some barbecue ( after that burn accident, we didnt want to cook really.. more details of what happened click here..

Jamz was the resident bartender mixing Baileys, and some cocktails for us while Mig is busy answering the door giving out candies to kids. (Too bad he didnt want us to get him a costume this year that he wasn't able to join in the fun of going around the neighborhood, next year he agree that he will be dressing up!)

Then Laura dropped by and joined in the fun. Since Tanya and Tita Glo are fans of videoke, I handed them the Magic Mic.

Of course, the party will not be over unless we start playing the Wii!! Laura was a first timer, she enjoyed playing Wii sports that she left way past 2am!! That was fun!!!


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