Sunday, September 9, 2007

New iPods

Posted by Double Y at 5:48 PM
I got my iPod video last year from my husband.. And now I'll be celebrating my birthday again then Apple launches its new generation iPods... What a coincidence!

Here's some tidbits that I was able to gather about the upgrades..

iPod Nano
- When I first saw the new Nano.. I wanted one coz this version has video capabilities.. but then again it only can store up to 8gb so its not for me.. But its cute though...

iPod Classic
- this is the iPod Video... not much of an upgrade except that it comes in 80gb and 160gb!! Tempting!!

iPod Touch
- this one I like so much that Im actually considering selling my old iPod. Why? It is like the iPhone minus the phone features.. It has WIFI!! But then again the memory is the spoiler, it can only hold up to 16gb and price starts at $299.


- Not so much upgrade in the iPhone except that they offered it to a much lower price.. So those who bought the first generation are kinda mad since they got it at $100 higher. The only addition I noted was that it has the Wifi Music store and that Apple partnered with Starbucks so that everytime an iPhone user goes to Starbucks, a browser pops up in his iPhone and gives him the title of the tracks that is being played in that particular starbucks.

So what do I want for my birthday? Well, I have everything I want and need.. ^_^

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