Friday, August 24, 2007


Posted by Double Y at 6:04 PM
I have not blogged for weeks already.. Its not that I'm busy with work but instead Im busy learning how to be a housewife.. aka a BUM! Its been 10 years since I started working and never did I have a chance to go on extended vacation. Usually,whenever I resign from a job I would have another job waiting for me a month before I actually resign, but this time its different. I can't start work yet since Im still waiting for my EAD.Anyway its ok, Im actually enjoying being out of work for once, its nice not to have to wake up knowing that you have deadlines to beat nor stress yourself with too much tasks for once. I get to go on trips with my husband whenever I want to without worrying about whatever work I left at the office. In fact, Im getting used to just staying home and be a housewife for once!
I know it doesnt sound like me, being so dependent to maids and all, but what can I say, there are no maids here.

So what's my day like? Well, during weekdays,I wake up 630am prepare Mig's breakfast, start my morning exercise, cook breakfast for me and my hubby, fix the house, read my book, cook lunch,watch TV, wait for mig to go home, help him with his homework then prepare dinner. And Ohh.. I only wash clothes once a week and since everything is automatic, its easy to do that while Im cooking. I mentioned me cooking.. yup, you read it right, I cooked and mind you not just your simple fried dishes. Since last month, I was able to cook pork sinigang, giniling with tomato sauce, beef nilaga, tocino, and carbonara aside from the usual bacon, ham, waffles, etc. How did I even learned how to cook? I'm as shocked as you are! I didnt know that I even know how to do all these things. Well, when there is nothing else to do and no one else to cook your meal but yourself, you will learn..
Hey, I have to go back to my cooking. Till my next post..

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