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I agree

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Enough of the shopping stuff, time to get serious. I read this article published at and I wanted to share this to all of you.

Let us learn from Gretchen, Marjorie, Assunta and Ruffa

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As a Filipino woman, I am saddened by how Filipino celebrities behave.

Women are historically disadvantaged across the globe because many societies are patriarchal. The Philippines, however, boasts of a woman holding the most powerful public position. Yet the culture, at large, appears to embrace the subservient role of women.

For example, Regine Velasquez proclaims that she is willing to give up her career to be with Ogie Alcasid. Why does having a relationship, or marriage, or family make some women give up their hard-earned career? Regine truly disappoints in this regard, especially because she is a far more successful artist than Ogie Alcasid.

It’s a real shame, this mentality that it’s admirable for a woman to turn her back on a career … for a man.

It’s about time the Philippines celebrated women outside the traditional roles. It is such a great disservice to send out the message that the only desirable woman is the woman who is [content to be] a wife and mother.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that motherhood is one of the greatest tasks and that having a fulfilling relationship is infinitely valuable. However, a woman who takes a step back for a man no longer inspires.

Constant learning

Have we not learned enough from the lessons of Gretchen Barretto, Marjorie Barretto and Ruffa Gutierrez, to name a few? Let’s forget gender for one second. Isn’t it better if a lifetime partner has a life of his/her own that he/she can bring to the table? For a woman, the best way to achieve this is by constantly learning and playing an active role in society; by staying physically healthy and financially independent while also performing the roles of mother and partner. In the same way, she should expect her husband to take care of himself and be an informed and participatory parent.

Another point of contention is Lolit Solis’ treatment of the Rosanna Roces and Rudy Fernandez issue. It’s never good to be involved with someone in a relationship, let alone a marriage. But to rationalize Rudy Fernandez’s behavior as “expected” is shameful. Rosanna Roces’ lack of social awareness shows in the way she calls attention to a questionable action, but that is not in dispute. It is apparent that Filipino culture forgives men for infidelity but does not lend the same understanding to women.

It’s sad when beautiful Filipina celebrities like Assunta De Rossi brag about what their rich husbands can buy them. The world is their oyster, yet they give the power back to men like it’s nothing. How long would it take Assunta or Gretchen, and all others like them, to realize that they are worth more than the designer clothes they wear?


My appeal to them: You don’t have to save the world. But, at the very least, don’t give the wrong message to the young women looking up to you. They should aspire for an education.

The government should step in and create laws that would require a minimum level of education before anyone can enter show business. One of the requisites should be a course on women’s history and the significance of the feminist movement.

I totally agree with Tia Salonga, women right now are more concerned on how they look, on what they have. I may have so many wants that I try to convert to needs but then I always try to put my feet on the ground and weigh what is more important.

I am turning 30 this year, and I can say I have accomplished a lot, I have experienced a lot. There have been turmoils in my life that I am glad that I was able to surpassed. I have learned to stand up after each fall rather than cry in one corner. At this age, I cheated death twice given birth to a lovely boy whom I almost lost due to complications, got married, travelled Asia and US, bought my first car with my OWN money,went through an annulment and got married again. So much stuff for such young age they say, funny whenever people hear about my story they couldn't believe that I have been through all of these things. I have aged and I have learned a lot.

During those dark phase in my life, I realized that it doesnt matter if you dont have anything as long as you have your family with you. It doesnt matter if your husband can bring you to places, buy you designer clothes, get you the latest gadgets. You may say, I dont care about what people think or say about me, this is my life and this is how I want to live it, but then you have relatives or worse your own child that gets hurt because of what you did. Stop being selfish, think of the people you love.

It is also sad to hear that some women would rather marry someone who is rich just to be able to get what they want. Instead of trying to work and be independent of their husband, they would rather wait for their monthly allowance and depend on it as if they will die if the husband misses out. You will find similar topic posted here on why women get married. It is sad that I actually met someone who is like that. She married her husband because the husband has legal residency in the US which she can also use.

Hey its the 20th century already, women has equal rights as with men, women now can hold powerful positions in big companies,even our President is a Woman. So girls, be independent! Show your inner beauty, prove them that you can succeed!

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