Monday, June 25, 2007

Shoes for less part II

Posted by Double Y at 1:43 AM
I just can't help myself but to research and write about Melissa. Melissa who?Melissa shoes I mean. Im not the only one, mind you. My colleagues and I made a pact to sneak out of the office next week and go to Glorietta to welcome Melissa.

Im not a shopaholic, its just that it's the first time I heard of shoes that smells like candy!

Anyway, moving forward, here's another info that I found out:

The ScarFUN looks like LV's Electrochoc. Apparently, they were both designed by Alexander Herchcovitch.

You be the judge:


Louis Vuitton's Electrochoc flat sandal:

So I guess, I'd go for the Melissa ScarFun which is way cheaper than Louis Vuitton's version. ^_^

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