Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Customer is King!!

Posted by Double Y at 6:38 PM
I just couldn't help but rant about what happened to me earlier today. I have been doing a lot of online shopping lately and all the sellers I have been buying stuff from are so friendly eventhough I have talked to them via sms or ym only.

Hey, they should be after all no matter how much stuff I buy from them it is still a sale you know. But then there's this one girl who's selling pre-order stuff. I wanted so much to buy some clothes from her but I wasn't lucky enough to make it to her cut off. I submitted my order form and for some weird reason she didn't receive my form so I guess its not meant to be eh? Few days passed and I saw this cute headbands that she is selling for 100php for 5 colors, that's a steal right. So I went on ahead and pm'ed her. She told me that the particular design I wanted is no longer available BUT she can order from her supplier and can ship it to me, and advised me that she will be out the whole day so it is better that I sms her. So I sent her a text message that I will no longer get it since it might not make it to my friday deadline and Im leaving for the US sunday. Then she told me via PM that she can ship it to me weds and Ill receive it friday, and she asked me to deposit 150php. I pm'ed and sms her that I might not be able to deposit the payment that day since I am packing my stuff and I can not leave the house. Then the following day, I told her that I can deposit and asked her to ship the item already, to which she replied, that she did not receive any message from me. I just got irritated prolly because she has this history of being "mataray", so I got into an argument with her. I didn't want to be accused of being a fraud nor be part of her bogus buyer list bec of that 100php! I've had good business deals with a lot of multiply sellers already and I dont want her to stain my reputation. So I cleared my name. Since I felt she won't stop arguing, (she seemed to be someone who spends a lot of time arguing with a lot of people),I told her Im sorry and I understand that she's just like that bec she is pregnant. But instead she flared up! I didnt want to argue with her anymore and told her that I dont want to cause her any problem and I can deposit the amount to her account even if she doesn't send me the item and then I apologized for the last time then hit the offline button in my ym. Its weird that she's like that. She has this post in her site that makes you feel that people owe her for selling stuff online, and that she's doing this to help out people who cant afford expensive clothes. Like duh! She went on that business of selling stuff to earn money for her baby, admit it or not! Even so, I dont really care, my point is she shouldnt treat people like that. Hey, customer is King right? She wont have business without us buyers right? Its a two way thing. She went into that business so she better be patient!Oh well.. some people nga naman. ( as what she always say)...

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