Thursday, April 19, 2007

Work Addict? or Workaholic?

Posted by Double Y at 4:00 PM
Two weeks of non - stop deadlines, reports and what haves aside from wee hours phonecons prevented me from blogging.. So forgive me for not being able to pour my mind out which is a great stress reliever too..

Anyway,right after the wedding, I had to go back to work, physically go to the ofc at least .. since I was never out on leave really. While I was "onleave" I was still "online"!! Working at home.. Attending phonecons inside the car (to reduce noise) while my friends are in the resto waiting for me to finish my meeting!

It's really hard to break that habit eh? Paranoia of not being able to go online nor check your email for three consecutive days. What has happened? I got this from Trend, yeah.. I got a lot from that company and I enjoyed working there! (and I might go back you know. I got an offer.^_^) I have been on call for five years and its hard to break the habit, that I brought it along with me whenever I go.

Funny, that even our client had to ask if I was indeed getting married during those times that I was on wedding leave since they always see me online, I answer emails as often as I do when Im in the ofc and I participate on phonecons no matter what time and day it was. I can't help it, Im handling a multilingual team and since the project is on pilot stage, it requires full attention. My boss being meticulous and perfectionist like I am added more to the cause.

So what am I? Work Addict? or Workaholic? I remember, Jun S once said, " You work to live and not the other way around".

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