Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chow no more!

Posted by Double Y at 9:49 AM
After chains of meetings and lotsa reports, my boss and I decided to order in for dinner. It was past 8 and we still have a 9pm meeting to attend to before calling it a night. She suggested that we order at Chowking.

Anyway,am a bit hesitant since I have not eaten in any Chowking outlets for the past 8 years.Why? My last experience was unpleasant. I was still pregnant with my son when we went there, I remember I ordered braised beef rice topping. I hated the idea of mixing the braised beef with the rice, Im not a fan of rice toppings really but since Im hungry I asked for another plate so I can separate the beef from the rice.. (OC? well. Hehehe) While doing that, I saw a foreign object stuck in the middle of the rice, I thought it was part of the beef. But when I took it out of the bowl and put it on the plate, turns out its the wings of a roach!! Yaiks!! Immediately, we called the waiter and told them about it, they were nice enough to give me a new bowl. But then, hey after what I saw, do you think Im still going to eat that? So we left.. and I vowed never to eat at any Chowking chain anymore...

I thought so too, but then my Boss said to try it again. So I ordered.. I chose Crispy noodles with assorted vegetables.. Few mins passed and our orders arrived.
I opened my noodles and surprised to see that there was an egg stuck on the web of the noodles and another one on the container itself.. At a glance you'll think that this was just something else, perhaps burnt noodles..but no.. it were eggs of cockroaches!! Arggh!!So yet again.. Chowking ruined my dinner and my Boss' dinner as well. We ended up drinking coke in cans instead.

Now I am totally not going to eat CHOWKING ever..

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