Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Wedding Ideas

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I told you this was my first social event (that i planned and coordinated)and it was fun. Though since its my wedding I couldn't move and had to leave all the actual coordination to my three buddies ( amor, peter and art) not to mention under the supervision of my mom. Funny thing I just realized that I got my event coordinating skills from my mom who does the same for her own office.So the whole 4 hrs, I was just sitting there with my husband watching the event to unfold.

Here's a run down of the whole event.

Lets start with the invitation, we dont want people to throw the invitations after receiving them so we made a cd invitation instead. The Cd contained 12 songs that best narrates our love story.The cover contained the invitation itself and we had a collage of pictures taken during our trips.All home made..

Since it was a garden wedding, we decided to start the rites at 6pm. Thank God it didnt rain!! And to set a romantic mood, we hired a string quartet (violin, keyboard, guitar and flute)to play love songs the whole night.

As i walked pass through the mini arc bubbles started to float in the air while the quartet played Regine Velsquez' "Ikaw",yup ,we chose that over the "Here comes the bride" song which is so old school..

We chose to have the same venue for both the cermony and the reception, we dont want to move people around.After the wedding rites, we left the gazeebo so that the caterers can fix it for the reception. As we were leaving the venue,there were confetti showers and as we walked back, we had the torch parade. To make the event more memorable, we had a short fireworks display during the wine toast.

People love to have their photo taken, so we decided to give out photo souvenirs instead of those small figurines. Guests line up to have their pics taken and got their printed copies before they left. This is one way of making them stay the whole event too, since they have to wait for their print outs. Aside from that, this is a guarantee that they will keep this souvenir since its their own photo. Unique eh?

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Those who attended told me that they got so many ideas from the wedding. One of our friends who is set to marry this year even asked me to help her plan her own wedding.
Of course, We couldn't have done all of this without the help of my friends, Amor, Peter and Art.Mental note though, never let Art drink even a drop of alcohol before and during an event!

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