Thursday, April 5, 2007

My gown?

Posted by Double Y at 8:04 PM
All of our guests and even those who saw the photos admired my "wedding gown". Ill let you in a secret. Its a gown which I can still wear even after my wedding. You see, I wanted a Greek inspired wedding gown that I can reuse. I dont want to keep my gown in the cabinet after the event and just use it once. What a waste right? So, my colleague who co-owns Mico(their shops are at Eastwood, Rockwell and ShangriLa) and a fashion designer by night, gave me this idea. Why not use a multi-way gown. You can interchange how the top part will look like, may it be halter, kimono style, ribbon in front, ribbon at the back, x at the back, etc. There are so many ways you can wear this gown, best thing is, you dont need to have it dry cleaned and its easy to pack since the fabric doesnt get wrinkled. Its really value for the money!

See photo below.


For the wedding, I used the halter top version with the ribbon at the back and I've put some lavender butterfly clips to accentuate.

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