Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wedding preparations

Posted by Double Y at 1:37 AM
I know, Ive been quiet for almost a week now.... Ive been busy with the preparations for the wedding.I only have two months left to fix everthing. Good thing I was able to find a nice venue with affordable wedding package. Social gatherings are really not my cup of tea, I received my Diploma in events management last year but still planning social events make me nervous. Perhaps the fact that its personal unlike corporate events that you know almost everything. Wish me luck with the preparations. Good thing i have my two best buddies helping me out with the venue, fireworks ( yes we are having fireworks) and invitations. Up to date, we still dont know what our color motif is and who to invite, we got a cheaper deal if we invite 100 guests and given that Im trying to select who among our friends do we want to witness this important event of ours. Plus some of our friends are in the US already. Another thing, I dont know what to put in the invites in terms of gifts, since after the wedding, I will be moving to the US with him. Some say its unethical to even get a bridal registry what more if you tell them that you prefer money or Gift checks instead of gifts. But then again, knowing Filipinos they dont really follow what is written. Oh well.... So much to do, so little time. But dont get me wrong, this is one event that Im happy to coordinate!So stay tune for more updates, promise!

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