Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Game of Love

Posted by Double Y at 12:51 AM
With less than two months before we say I do, my ofcmate asked me how I met my fiance and how it all started. Made me wonder, Ive so many friends most of them met him and even my family loves him already but they dont know what really happened.For so many years that we're together our relationship has always been an open-secret, as how Art and Tess describes it.So how it all started? (Baby, help me out ok.. I might miss out somethings..you know me, I can be like Dory sometimes)This is my side of the story, lets wait for him to add to it...

We were both in another relationships when we first met, so we started of as friends, me, him and Art. He's having problems with his partner and we were his shoulders to cry on, well mostly me since Art is always busy. So he opened up to me and as a friend I tried my very best to help him. I was having problems with my beau then too, but nobody knows, I kept it to myself. I was too proud to tell anyone about it. I didnt want people to know that my relationship isnt working so I pretended that everythings ok. Plus he has so much problems already that opening up my own issues might not be a good idea.So I just listened to him and lent my shoulders (literally) for him to cry on. Listening to his problems was helping me too. I was slowly realizing that life is short to live miserably. Little by little I opened up to him and Art. I envied how he loved her, I remember wishing to feel loved like that. How could he love someone so bad that he was willing to forgive and forget so many times?

So few months passed and we are just friends. Then come Christmas party, it was my 1st Trend Xmas party, my now ex was supposed to escort me to the party. But being the guy that he is, he stood me up.The party ended up way past midnight, I still didnt have a car back then, Art left with his wife.He offered to drive me home amidst the fact that he has to meet HER that same time. I was touched but didnt put meaning to it. Ive known him to be a gentleman and would do the same just about to any girl that he knows. So I let it pass. But then, when we reached my place, as I was opening the door while thanking him, he asked for a kiss. I just smiled at him and left.

Have you heard of the song, The Game of Love by Michelle Branch? Basically, it all started with a kiss.. It was a bet. I have been stressed at work and at home, that we both noticed that Ive been smoking a lot,so we came up with a deal that if I smoked more than the agreed times in a day, I will have to kiss him. Not bad for a deal eh, since I owed him a kiss from bringing me home, I agreed. Its just a kiss so what the heck right? So there, it started. We've left our current relationships and started anew. We've spent each day as it will be our last, we traveled a lot and try to make up for lost time.

When did he propose? Hmm.. This one I dont remember, since he has been proposing to me every so often for the past 5 years and to which Ive always said yes BUT we just have to wait for the right time.And so, two months from now,after 5 years of waiting, we're finally getting married! I love you Papa,thanks for waiting!

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