Monday, June 15, 2009

Site seeing..

Posted by Double Y at 2:35 PM
Most of you who've been to our house have seen my modest collection of branded bags and shoes.. and have been told that as much as possible, I don't buy them on retail price, except of course for the LVs which we know never goes on sale.. Anyway, time to share my trade secrets...

I go to sites that has weekly sample sales, they are normally priced lower than retail and they are 100% authentic.

Here are the sites:

These sites are by invitation only, so email me if you want to get in. I tell you, its worth it, I got Technomarine watches for less than $200.00 from one of these sites, they also have Gucci, Prada, and Balenciaga sample sales as well!

Aside from shopping sites.. I also frequent several forums such as: - you can register for free and get insights on what's on sale and if you are buying second hand, you can have your bag looked at by the members as they have an authentication thread

And now that we are TTCing..

I always login at:

Happy Site seeing!

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