Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Surround sound in the comforts of your own car

Posted by Double Y at 10:50 AM
We've heard about the drive in movie theaters since we moved here in Ca but never got the chance to try it until last Sunday. It was a 20 min drive from our place. This Drive in theater is one of the few remaining here in CA.

Tickets are at $6.75 per head ( not per car)for two movies. Kids below 11 yrs old get to watch for free. We watched Star Trek and Monsters VS Aliens, it was a pretty nice set up. You get in, pay and they give you the station to tune in to for which movie you want to watch. You have the option to watch it inside your car or just like what the others did, parked backwards,took out foldable seats, sound blasting out of their car's speakers and watched it outdoors! Since we drove in using Jamz' Acura RDX we were able to test the SuV's speakers, imagine leather seat, moon roof half open and sound surround! We watched Star Trek underneath the stars ( pun intended!), talk about romantic!

Oh and did I mention, the food is great? I love their cheeseburger and the hotdogs are not bad either!

Movie starts at 830pm every night all year round. The movies that they are showing are first run movies ( current movies you can watch from a regular theater), the plus side is that you get to watch two movies for the price of one and of course minus annoying noises from fellow movie watchers.

For movie schedules and more information click here..

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