Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day at the ZOO

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First off, I just want to greet every Mommy, Inay, Mama, Inang, a Happy Mother's day!

As you may all know, Mother's day is a day off for Moms. Started in Europe and UK, this tradition is marked by giving gifts and sparing Mothers from doing household chores such as cooking, cleaning the house,etc. Let's see if I got to celebrate this tradition:

First mark: Giving gifts/tokens:

Done: Got a bouquet from Jamz!

And card plus cookies baked by Sarah!

Trip to the SFO zoo

Where we met this guy:

And tried to wake up this sleepy head:

But failed to do so, since Koalas are nocturnal, they spend 20 to 22 hours a day sleeping or resting in trees, curled up gripping the limbs with their feet! What a life!They are about 30inches tall , well I could say they are HUGE as compared to those tiny tokens we got from our trip to Sydney, Australia some few years back (LOL)!

As we move along, these guys passed us:
Pink Flamingos:

I've seen some of them at the Flamingo hotel in Vegas.. but these guys are far more pinkier than the ones I saw before.. Hmm.. must be their diet or could be me, being color blind!

This Polar bear told us that....

they are from the Northern Arctic and they don't live with these guys:

Penguins live in the Southern part of the Hemisphere.. And the only time you see them with Polar bears and eskimos are in cartoons! Now we know..

Aside from those mentioned above.. These creatures greeted us Happy Mother's day too:

And these guys.. however scary they look.. Greeted us as well!

More in my next post...

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