Monday, April 6, 2009

Marian Shrine in the heart of Silicon Valley!

Posted by Double Y at 6:16 PM
While we were on our way to San Jose convention center, I chanced upon this huge Our Lady of Peace statue. She is just right in the heart of Silicon Valley, in front of one of the Yahoo offices to be exact.

Built in the 80's, the statue is 32 feet high and stands over a twelve foot landscape mound. The head, hands and feet are made from stainless steel while the gown is made out of strips of the same material.

Apparently this is the only Marian shrine here in the West Coast. They have scheduled masses in the chapel behind the statue. I wanted to hear mass but left after few minutes as the chapel is packed with church goers.

Anyway, for more information on location and mass services here's their website:

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