Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Movie day sunday

Posted by Double Y at 11:06 PM
We have not been able to watch any movie since we got back from our vacation and we missed a lot. So last Sunday, we decided to just go right ahead and watch whatever it is that we can catch on. We started at 1130am and went home around 1000pm. We hopped from one cinema to another, finished four movies with great timing.

First flick was, Watchmen. Then we moved on to Pink Panther 2. I say I love the first Pink Panther better than this one. Then off to Coraline which is I think a bit dragging.. Or could it be, we are starting to feel sleepy after finishing off two movies before this.. Oh well.. Then moved on to Confessions of a Shopaholic. Im a bit disappointed about this movie. They changed a lot of things, I guess I just hate it when they make movies out of books and end up changing the whole story in the end. Here's some notable differences; first off, the plot is in London not in the US. Brandon has Brandon communications even before he met Becky! I'd say read the book so that you'll know what I mean!

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